Licensing and Privileging

Florida Medical Licensing

The Physician Enrollment Specialist in the Office of Faculty Affairs is available to assist in all matters related to submission of medical licensing applications. Following submission, the Physician Enrollment Specialist also assists in following up on outstanding documentation required by the Florida Board of Medicine. For questions and assistance, please contact the Physician Enrollment Specialist at (813) 396-9927.

In connection with a physician’s initial and continuing employment as a member of the faculty of the Morsani College of Medicine, individuals are required to obtain and maintain in continuous effect a license to practice medicine in the State of Florida. The full licensure process can take up to six months and physicians considering faculty appointments at USF should initiate the application process as soon as is practicable. The Florida Board of Medicine has information available online.

In certain cases, a Medical Faculty Certificate (MFC) may be an appropriate alternative for an incoming faculty member. For example, certain foreign-trained physicians may qualify for MFC consideration. Requests for MFCs are forwarded by the physician’s department to the Office of Faculty Affairs. The MFC Application is accessible at the Florida Board of Medicine's website.

Florida Board of Medicine Information

The following is from the Florida Board of Medicine website and provides valuable information for both incoming physicians and the departments hiring them.

MD Licensure in Florida

Process: Full M.D. License

Florida does not have an expedited process for M.D. applicants currently licensed in another state (endorsement avenue) - they must meet similar requirements as those for an M.D. applicant who has recently passed the USMLE and completed post graduate education (exam avenue). The Legislature requires a thorough review of all of the 4,000 applications received each year by the Board office.

For each application, the following is required:
  • FBI fingerprint background check. This takes 6-8 weeks, but it can take longer if the print is not accepted by the FBI and a repeat is ordered.
  • Verification of core credentials:
    • Age
    • Premedical education
    • Medical education
    • ECFMG certification
    • Postgraduate training
    • Examination
    • Medical licenses in other states
  • Typical delays:
    • Missing supporting documentation
    • Date discrepancies
    • Application responses requiring further explanation and verification
    • for some, a personal appearance before the Board’s Credentials Committee to explain any issues raised in the application process
    • Background checks with “hits”

The license is issued within two weeks from the receipt of the last document needed to complete the application. The Board ratifies the applicant at the next scheduled meeting. Board office accepts faxes, e-mails and all applicants are provided with phone numbers to speak with a reviewer.

Process Statistics

The Board office processes applications on 11 different M.D. licensure avenues/programs annually. The two largest avenues:

  • Full Unrestricted License: 3,000 applications per year
  • Residents in training: 1,100 application per year

113 days is the average processing time from the submission of the application to the date the unrestricted license is issued.

  • This includes a 6 to 8 week period to complete FBI fingerprint check.
  • This is based on 562 licenses issued from June 14 - August 2, 2007 to applicants who did not have issues requiring appearance before the Credentials Committee and did not require a 2nd FBI fingerprint background check.

Why do some applications take less time than others?

The single biggest delay: applicants who delayed responding to Board office requests for additional information.

What can prospective applicants do to quicken the application process?

Go to Select Board of Medicine from pull down menu to review a guide on top 10 ways to avoid problems in the application process.


  • Winter, 2006: The Board approved streamlined application form eliminating unnecessary steps in the process and reducing the number of personal appearances before the Credentials Committee.
  • Spring, 2007: The Department upgraded 4 MD licensure staff positions/pay levels to reduce turnover.
  • Summer 2007: The Board approved time-saving measure by allowing staff to issue a license with Board ratification at next meeting. (saves an average of 2 - 4 weeks).
  • Summer 2007: The office licensure unit reorganized following employee and management study groups.
  • Fall, 2007: The Board will have access to high speed special scanners to submit FBI finger print checks digitally, at lower cost, with results returned within days not weeks!

Medical Staff Privileging Applications

The Physician Enrollment Specialist also requests and assists in submission of medical staff privileging applications for Tampa General Hospital, All Children’s Hospital, University Community Hospital, and Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute. For assistance, please contact the Faculty Affairs Office at (813) 396-9927.

Requests for medical staff privileging at the James A. Haley VA Hospital and the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System must be initiated by the physician’s department. Questions regarding privileging at these facilities should be directed to the VA facility Medical Staff Offices.