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Radiation Oncology

At USF Heath, our multidisciplinary approach and state of the art technologies provide our patients with exceptional care.

Radiation therapy is a vital therapy used as part of a comprehensive health care treatment used to treat cancer patients. Radiation therapy can be used at different stages of cancer and for many different types of cancer.

Radiation Oncology (radiotherapy) is performed by our board certified radiologists using state of the art equipment to wipe out or kill cancer cells by destroying their DNA.  Destroying the cancer cell’s DNA eliminates the cancer’s ability to grow, and helps to alleviate the patient’s pain and symptoms.

The preparation process involves focusing on the cancerous area, and then targeting the area as precisely as possible, in order to avoid not damaging healthy cells.

Patient care is our number one priority, focusing on our patient's comfort, safety and health. Our radiology team will explain to you the process and test procedures prior to your appointment. At USF Health, we take a comprehensive approach, and work closely with all medical specialties and referring physicians to bring you the highest quality care possible.

The USF Health Imaging centers are accredited with the American College of Radiology (ACR) in MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, and Mammography. This accreditation is a gold seal that represents the highest level of image quality and patient safety.

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