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At the USF Hernia Center, located within our ASC, we have a multidisciplinary team in place offering a first-class, comprehensive approach to hernia care, from consultation to recovery. We understand that every patient is unique and we strive to create a plan designed especially for you, one that encourages healing and a quick recovery to get you back into life and your daily routine. We also provide patient education to our patients and their families to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Every year, an estimated 5 percent of the population develops a hernia, occurrence condition caused when fatty issue or an organ protrudes through a weakened area or tear in the abdominal wall.  Whether it occurs at birth or with age, the most common places for a hernia to develop are:
  • In the groin (inguinal hernia) 
  • In the navel (umbilical hernia)
  • At the site of a previous surgical incision (incisional hernia) 

With a commitment to making lives better, USF Health has established a Hernia Center with a team of specially trained general surgeons who perform both open hernia repair and laparoscopic hernia repair.

Open Hernia Repair:

This option involves making an incision over the site of the hernia and pushing the fatty tissue or organ back into place. Depending on the size and location of the hernia, our surgeon can proceed with sewing the tissue around the muscle together (hernias less than 3 cm) or may proceed with placing mesh for additional reinforcement (large hernias).

Laparpscopic Hernia Repair:

During laparoscopic hernia surgery, our general surgeon will make small incisions in the abdomen. Ports are then placed and the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide for better visibility. A larascope, a slender tool with a tiny camera, and other surgical instruments are inserted through the ports to do the hernia repair.

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