AHEC Education.com is an online continuing education program used for both health professions students and health care professionals (www.aheceducation.com). Completion of the modules will broaden a health care professional's understanding of tobacco-related issues and treatment modalities. These modules are provided free to health professions students, faculty participants and health care providers. Registration is required in order to receive credit. Please see below for directions.

AHEC Education for Health Care Providers

Students in front of computerHealth care providers can take advantage of the free CMEs/CEUs online, 24/7.usfstudentslab1

AHEC Education for Health Professions Students & Faculty

Health professions students and faculty members are encouraged to take advantage of this educational offering as well. College/School-specific information regarding which modules are required before or during AHEC sponsored programs will be provided during an orientation.

Logging On to AHEC Education

Click here for printable directions on how to log in to the AHEC Education site.

For more information or questions on how to log in, please contact LaToya Clark, MPH, at lclark2@health.usf.edu.

Sponsored by the University of South Florida AHEC and the State of Florida, Department of Health.

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