Resources for Preceptors & Health Professionals

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Health Education

Community Programs

  • The Community Guide
    Evidence-based recommendations for programs and policies to promote population health from the CDC.

  • Directors of Health Promotion and Education
    DHPE is a joint effort between directors of health education in state health departments and deans of health education in schools of public health. Its mission is to strengthen, promote, and enhance the professional practice of health promotion and public health education nationally and within State health departments.

Depression Management

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Effective Health Care
  • Clinician Guide: Choosing Antidepressants for Adults
  • Consumer Guide: Antidepressant Medicines - A Guide for Adults With Depression

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Hispanic Health

  • H.O.P.E. - Hispanic Obesity Prevention and Education Program
    HOPE is a unique and exciting program that receives funding from the Florida Department of Health. The overall mission of HOPE is to promote increased physical activity, healthy nutrition, and appropriate food portion sizes among Hispanics living in Florida. The HOPE program also encourages a decrease in time spent watching television, using the computer on non-school related activities, and playing video games. Ultimately, HOPE aims to reduce chronic diseases and disabilities associated with obesity and overweight.

  • Healthy Hispanic Foods Resource Kit
    In conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), the Florida Department of Health, Diabetes Prevention & Control Program and the Obesity Prevention Program are pleased to announce the release of the Healthy Hispanic Foods Resource Kit. This free set of resources was created to make it easier for Hispanic families to make healthier food selections and to cook traditional foods in a healthier way. The Resource Kit is designed for Florida dietitians, health educators, nurses and other health professionals who routinely conduct nutrition education classes for Hispanics with or at risk for diabetes.

Infant Health

Intimate Partner Violence

Patient Education

  • Parkinson's Disease: Patient Educational Handout 

  • Interactive Health Tutorials:
    Health education resources from the Patient Education Institute. Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial.

Professional Training Opportunities

Health Literacy Training

USF AHEC Centers

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