Roberta K. Burford, JD

Roberta K. Burford, JDAssociate Vice President for Strategic Affairs

Roberta Burford (R.B.) received her Juris Doctor degree in 1979 and was then employed by the Arkansas Legislative Council and the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office from 1980-1991.  Her roles in the Attorney General’s Office ranged from Assistant Attorney General to Chief of Staff.  She specialized in civil litigation/employment law, trying numerous cases in Arkansas State courts at all levels and federal trial and appellate courts, including 3 appearances before the U.S. Supreme Court.  During her tenure at the Attorney General’s Office, she authored over 500 official Opinions.  In 1991, she additionally served as a legislative advisor to then-Governor Bill Clinton.

In 1995, she left her role as Arkansas’ Director of Youth Services upon a family relocation to Tampa, Florida, where she joined the University of South Florida Office of the General Counsel.  From 2004-2015, she served as that Office’s lead and primary counsel for USF Health. 

In 2015, she was appointed USF Health Associate Vice President for Strategic Affairs.  In that role, she strategically develops and actively maintains supportive external relationships in the arenas of governance, government relations and community relations, leads USF Health International and acts as President of the Health Education International Foundation.  To facilitate these external relationships, she works collaboratively with all internal units of Health to enhance its mission and operations.