Walking Programs

Beat the Heat! Come indoors and take a walk!

Don't let the summer heat keep you down; there are still plenty of healthy options for exercise! To sign up for indoor fitness classes contact Krystal Vias at kvias@admin.usf.edu or 813-974-4436.

Stay in the cool air-conditioning to keep your walking going! You can sign up for two different walking programs to earn cool prizes, keep track of your miles, and keep track of your diet and other helpful tools. Learn more about the Do the Local Motion Tampa Bay program. Try a new walking pattern around the University Mall, through the College of Public Health, College of Medicine, then to College of Nursing. Don't forget to take the stairs when it is an option!

Get your American Heart Associate Heart walk team back together and track your progress throughout the year and get a head start on this year's walk! Start walking now!