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Injury and Disease Prevention

Healthy Living

  • BULLetin - Wellness newsletter run by USF College of Medicine students. Published quarterly.
  • CDC - Healthy Living - Very comprehensive and easy to navigate list of health tips and research important to living a healthy lifestyle. This website presents research and tips for every day topics ranging from aging to overweight and obesity, from folic acid to tobacco. The website includes detailed information on women's health, men's health, pregnancy, nutrition, physical activity, preventative cancer screenings and much much more.
  • Tampa Bay Online - Listing of health events on their website. This includes local walks, exercise programs, clubs, research studies and other health related events going on locally.
  • - online service where you can set health nutrition and exercise goals and get pointers on how plan healthy eating and exercising goals for yourself. The website allows you to enter the food you have eaten and it counts the calories compared to your normal daily allowance. The website also tracks your fruit, veggies, milk, grains and protein intake and compares it to your recommended daily value depending on your age, weight and height.



  • A.H.A. - Diet and Nutrition - Links to information on Fats, Fad dieting, Healthy/ Nutritious Recipes, Nutrition information for foods you eat every day and even heart healthy grocery shopping tips. This website also provides lifestyle recommendations on how to have a healthy nutritious smoke free lifestyle.
  • CDC - Fruits & Veggies - Information and research on the benefits of eating fruits and veggies.

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Other Resources

  • Healthy Togethers - Health Care and Wellness in Tampa Bay. Their Community Events calendar has a listing wellnesss events in the Tampa Bay area.