Dominican Republic Project 2005
USF Health

International Health Service Collaborative Project Description – December 2005


IHSC Mission: The International Health Service Collaborative is a group of health sciences students, faculty and professionals focused on:

·        Promoting sustainable health projects in underserved communities within the U.S. and developing nations

·        Creating a forum for interdisciplinary interaction within USF Health and throughout USF, which will result in more well-rounded health professionals


Project Description


Location:  El Aguacate de las Cejas near the northern coastal city of Nagua, Dominican Republic.


When: December 17-23, 2005



29 Students from Colleges of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing plus 1 Professor, and 1 Internal Medicine Physician/Infectious Disease Fellow.


What:  Students will…

  1. Collaborate with the US Peace Corps to build 51 composting latrines for 47 families and an elementary school.  These latrines will serve approximately 300 people.
  2. Provide health education on sanitation/hygiene and oral re-hydration therapy.
  3. Provide medical treatment to children, specifically for parasite infections.


Student Benefits: Students will…

  1. Witness and experience the life of villagers in a developing country without water and sanitation facilities while helping to attack their problems shoulder to shoulder with a sustainable solution. 
  2. Have the opportunity to share their knowledge of health through education forums, practice health care techniques, and provide treatment to children.
  3. Learn about and implement basic public health sanitation strategies often employed by many NGOs and governments world-wide.
  4. Practice/improve cross culture sensitivity, language skills, and collaboration with USF Health colleagues from all three colleges.



  1. Students have covered over $10,000 for their airplane tickets.  Not expecting reimbursement.
  2. Project materials: over $12,000 provided by ADEMI (NGO).  Medicine, tools, and other supporting materials provided by IHSC fundraising.
  3. Daily student expenses $10 hotel, $10 food, $5 misc.
  4. Ground Transportation estimate: $3000.00/wk.


Donation Information:

IHSC has 501c3 non-profit privileges.  All gifts/contributions are tax deductible and can be made through the USF Health Foundation.  Contact us at