About Us


USF Health lacked a Student-led interdisciplinary organization that allows students from all health sciences areas to work together. In 2005, a small group of of USF students with an interest in international Health from the colleges of Medicine and Public Health had the vision of creating the IHSC. Ever since, we had been actively involved in local health service events and international sustainable health projects in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and recently in Panama.


The International Health Service Collaborative is a group of USF Health Students, Faculty and Professionals focused on promoting Sustainable Health in underserved communities within the U.S. and developing nations, and creating a forum for interdisciplinary interaction within USF Health and throughout USF, which will result in more well-rounded health professionals.


  • To encourage collaboration between students in all areas of health sciences

  • To create a forum for interdisciplinary education and discussion about health topics and sustainable solutions

  • To plan and carry out health service projects for communities in the U.S. and developing countries using input from multiple health sciences fields and community leaders

  • To plan and carry out research projects relating to medicine and public health, including evaluation of our own projects


  • Monthly lectures about a variety of health topics

  • Local and International Health Projects

  • Educational sessions held by students of each college for students of other health disciplines

  • Organizational meetings as needed


IHSC has a interdisciplinary structure that surpasses the 200 students from the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Pharmacy, and Physical therapy as well as Engineering.

The IHSC executive board consists of a diverse group of individuals with impressive health experiences, from current health professionals to former Peace corps volunteers. The board is elected every year after the summer trip.


  • University of Miami
  • University of Michigan
  • U.S. Peace Corps
  • Water for People
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Manos a Tiempo
  • Food for the Poor
  • International Rotary Club
  • MAP International

Faculty Advisors

  • COPH: Dr. Ann DeBaldo
  • MCOM: Dr. John Sinnott
  • CON: Dr. Sandra Cadena 

IHSC has 501c3 non-profit privileges. All gifts/contributions are tax deductible and can be made through the USF Health Foundation.