Welcome to the Center of Evidence-Based Medicine

The Center of Evidence-based Medicine and Health Outcomes Research was established in 2008 as a part of the College of Medicine. Academically, the center has also been designated as Division of Internal Medicine. The center is actively involved in interdisciplinary activities including clinical medicine, decision science and decision support systems, information collection of researchers including medical doctors, psychologists, biostatisticians, and engineers. The Center currently employs 16 people (7 faculty, 6 research staff, and 3 administrative specialists). The center also includes a number of external members from industry, academia, and healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, etc.).

The center is strategically positioned in such a way that represents a natural link between the data generated in institutional clinical research, biomedical literature, and practice-based research networks. In addition, a secondary role of the center is to assist with the development of evidence in an effort to improve clinical decisions, ethical/IRB, policy-decisions and decisions aimed to improve health of populations. It is also an integral part of education of a new cadre of researchers and clinical studies.

Faculty and Staff

Ambuj Kumar, MD, MPH

Director, Evidence-based Medicine

Office: MDT 1202A

Tel: (813) 974-7235

Fax: (813) 905-8909

Adis Kreso, B.A.

Statistical Data Analyst

Tel: (813) 974-7235

Branko Miladinovic, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: MDT 1215

Tel: (813) 396-9614

Christopher Noel

Administrative Specialist

Office: MDT 1202

Tel: (813) 974-1085

Heather Weeks

Staff Assistant

Office: MDT 1203

Tel: (813) 974-6849

Hesborn Wao, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: MDT 1207

Tel: (813) 974-9248

Elizabeth Pathak, PhD, MSPH, FAHA

Associate Professor

Office: MDT 1219

Tel: (813) 974-8457

Rahul Mhaskar, MPH, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: MDT 1214

Tel: (813) 974-9608

Stephanie Warburton

Administrative Specialist

Office: MDT 1202

Tel: (813) 396-9178

Tea Reljic, B.S.

Statistical Data Analyst

Office: MDT 1212

Tel: (813) 974-7806