Web Services

The COPH website caters to the needs of its constituents namely, prospective and current students, faculty, staff, alumni and external public audience. As part of its efforts to standardize all of USF and USF Health webpages, College of Public Health is actively involved with USF Health IS and USF Health Public Affairs office to confirm its webpages to USF and USF Health web standards.

Starting July 2008, the COPH website management is moved to USF Health IS Applications Development. USF Health IS is pleased to provide web services to members of the COPH community. Technical consultation on site design, graphics, website layout is provided to faculty and staff.

COPH departmental web sites and faculty profiles are maintained by the departmental web managers. Check with department administrators for contact information.

Please submit all other website requests via the USF Health IS Footprints eService at https://footprints.health.usf.edu Click on “submit request” and enter information. Footprints allows users to attach files to the ticket if necessary.

USF Health IS has requested that we use the Footprints eService so that they can track all requests and ensure a prompt response. Their goal is to complete requested website updates within two days of receipt of the request as long as the eService request is filled out properly.

Web Guidelines

  1. COPH Department Web Guidelines
  2. Center Web Guidelines
  3. USF Web Guidelines
  4. USF Visual Identity and Graphic Standards
  5. USF Health Visual Identity and Graphic Standards
  6. USF Editorial Guide to Style and Usage
  7. COPH Photo Release Form (PDF)

Web How-to’s

  1. How to develop web pages?
  2. Uploading personal pages
  3. Set up web form to email data

Image Resources

  1. COPH Logos and Images
  2. USF Health Logos & Templates
  3. USF logos
  4. USF Stock Photography
  5. Getty Images (Check with USF Health IS Applications Development for details)


  1. USF Health Public Affairs website
  2. USF Health IS website
  3. USF University Relations


  1. USF Magazine
  2. USF Health NOW
  3. USF Health
  4. COPH Monday Letter

Contact Information

USF Health IS Applications Development
(813) 974-6288
To Submit Request: https://footprints.health.usf.edu