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The Undergraduate Public Health Student Association (UPHSA) is the only undergraduate student organization representing the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. UPHSA advocates for education, leadership, and professionalism in the community through countless informative public health events. UPHSA offers students a broad perspective in each Public Health discipline as well as allowing students to network and learn about research, internships and community services opportunities.


In Fall of 2011, the Undergraduate Studies was created in the College of Public Health and the following semester undergraduate students wanted to start their own student association. Since then, the Undergraduate Public Health Student Association (UPHSA) has been a thriving and growing student organization.

Gladys Muñoz

Gladys Muñoz: Co-President

Major: Public Health
Minor: Global Communicable Diseases

Being born and raised outside of the United States gave me the right exposure of what is Public Health. My determination and motivation to become a Public Health professional, is one simple fact: I want to save the world! I want to do more than help others, I want to give them hope and inspiration to reach their potential. My passion for Public Health has allowed me to gain skills and experiences in global health as well as community and family health. In the future, I would like to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer and attain my Master in Public Health.

Andrea Morales

Andrea Morales: Co-President

Major: Public Health

Being a first generation college student, I was indecisive as to what career path I wanted to aspire. Having an interest in the health field, my participation as a member of UPHSA enlightened my interest in Public Health. I wish to pursue my studies in Health Administration; placing my devotion to practice. I will use my leadership abilities to make my experience in UPHSA as impactful and beneficial as can be to students and the community.

Shuchita Patel

Shuchita Patel: Vice President

Major: Public Health

Since high school, I have been fascinated with the ideas of health and wellness. After volunteering at the Wellness Center at USF, I realized that I was passionate about educating and informing people about healthy measures. Through Wellness USF, I’ve gained an insight to Public Health and became a REACH Peer Educator. I have a keen interest in Community and Family Health matters and hope to obtain my Masters in Public Health in the near future.

Evena Miscarlien

Evena Miscarlien: Communicative Liaison

Major: Public Health

While a sophomore at Tallahassee Community College, I realized what I was seeking in life was more than a high paid salary. I was tenaciously seeking a major that I could live by, and be passionate about, while also being able to address major human right issues. That is why when I was introduced to the concept of Public Health I knew it was for me. Public health coincides with my career goal of Health Policy. I aim to be a contributor in forming policies that will address health equity, family planning, and reasonable basic healthcare across this nation.

Yasmin Espinoza

Yasmin Espinoza: Treasurer

Major: Health Sciences
Concentrations: Biological Sciences & Health Management
Minor: Leadership Studies

What I found most interesting about Public Health is the numerous interdisciplinary approaches, from epidemiology to public policy. I believe in the focus of public health which is to improve the quality of life through education and prevention. In the future, I would like to attain a Master’s in Public Health and becoming a Public Health Administrator.

Elizabeth Ferraro

Elizabeth Ferraro: Historian

Major: Public Health
Minor: Homeland Security & Emergency Disaster Management

I chose to study Public Health because I have always wished to pursue a career that would be dedicated to helping others. Through my studies in Public Health I have a discovered an interest in Global Health and Health Education. With Public Health, I aspire to pursue a Masters International degree and serve as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin M.Ed

Interim Advisor

Kenneth Griffin is an Academic Advisor and Recruiter for Undergraduate Studies Department in the College of Public Health. He has served in several administrative capacities in Higher Education since 2010. Prior to his move to Higher Education he taught Social Studies and Reading for Hillsborough County Schools.

Kenny graduated with his B.A. from Florida A&M University (FAMU) in History Education and received his M.Ed. from University of South Florida in Educational Leadership.

He is active in several professional and social organizations, one being Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. Kenny is the advisor for the Undergraduate Public Health Student Association (UPHSA) and sits on several committees to ensure the progression of student achieve here at the University of South Florida. His experience in Academic Affairs and Instruction speaks to his unwavering passion for the field of education.

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