Declaration of Major & Minor

Declaration of Major and Minor for continuing Tampa Campus Public Health Undergraduate Students. You are limited to one change of major per semester! All students must have an overall and USF GPA of 2.0 upon declaration into the major.

Fill out the Declaration of Major/Minor form for the College of Public Health and submit online:

It is advised to declare your minor by 90 credit hours and to speak with your Academic Advisor about this addition. Please note, there should be no overlap (“double-dipping”) between a major and a minor. Courses may be used for one or the other. Majors and Minors will be recoded within 48 hours or 2 business days. Please contact an advisor if you have questions.

Available Minors:

  • Community Engaged Home Land Security & Emergency Management Minor
  • Environmental Health Minor
  • General Public Health Minor
  • Health Education
  • Infection Control
  • Nutrition Minor

Major Overview


If you have an MJ hold, once you declare your major, the hold will be removed from your OASIS account within 2 business days. Advising information for the Public Health Major and Minor is always available, as well as forms for academic purposes.

Non Tampa Campus Students

Please be advised that if your home campus is not Tampa, you cannot declare into the Public Health major, you must first be accepted to USF Tampa campus prior to declaring your major.

Making Changes to your Schedule

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