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Dean Petersen’s Foreword

This is an exciting time for public health and for our College. The first national certification exam in public health has just been offered and the College cracked the top 20 in the US News and World Report list of the best schools of public health. Our faculty members continue to make great strides in their discovery, learning and engagement efforts and we have been recognized for our efforts with new support from the National Institutes of Health, the Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of Florida and numerous private foundations. Collaborations across USF Health and with the larger university are increasing, our joint degrees and certificates are growing, and more students are seeking us out as a source for important knowledge and skill development.

This five-year strategic plan, coincident with the University’s new plan, was developed from the ground-up, with an unprecedented level of faculty participation and community review. It makes clear that we have no intention of resting on our past successes nor do we wish to remain the same College we were when we were formed nearly 25 years ago. It sets an ambitious course in research, in scholarship, in education and in outreach. It challenges us to be a stronger and more inclusive community, and it piques us to go beyond the usual academic products – in short, to actually make the world a better place.

I applaud the efforts of those who contributed to this tremendous effort to set a course for our College and I call upon each of us to do our best to achieve and surpass these goals such that by 2012, we can set even loftier goals toward realizing our vision.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and your support for our plan.

Dean Petersen
Dean Petersen
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