Student Research Podcasts (SHARP)

This section contains links to podcasts created by COPH students pertaining to their recent experiences at conferences. Each of these students are recipients of the COPH’s Student Honorary Award for Research and Practice “SHARP” , which provides financial assistance for COPH students to travel to a local, state, regional, national, or international professional meeting/conference to present their research or practice.

2017- 2018 Academic Year

Nicole O. Crawford
Evaluation of Teens in Action: A Social and Emotional Learning Program with a Service-Learning Component in a Community Setting

Kelley Dennings
NGO,Government & Academic Collaboration: Working with Rural Landowners on a Social Marketing Campaign

Aldenise Ewing
Effects of Client-directed behavioral interventions to increase colorectal cancer screening: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Tara Foti
Effect of Pregnancy Intention and Timing on Maternal Early In-Hospital BondingBehaviors

Stacey Griner
Obstetric and Gynecology and Family Medicine residents’ emergency contraceptionknowledge: Where can we improve?

Evan Hegarty
Are there differences in cardiovascular health indicators among males  bysexual orientation? Evidence from the 2015  Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

Mmadili Ilozumba
Changein Pattern of Secondary Cancers after Kaposi Sarcoma in the Era of Antiretroviral Therapy

Elizabeth Lockhart
Case Managers: An Untapped Resource for HIV-Related Data Collection

Fahad Mukhtar
Clinical Characteristics and Survival of Patients with Multiple Metachronous EsophagealTumor

Malinee Neelamegam
Predicting Pneumonia in Acute Stroke Patients using the Glasgow Coma Scale

Amita Patil
Parental Mental Health Intervention Implementation in the Florida MIECHV Program:Baseline Individual and Organizational Readiness Assessment

Rema Ramakrishnan
The Prevalence, Correlates, and Survival of Infants with Congenital DiaphragmaticHernia in Florida: 1998 - 2012

Vinita Sharma
Views of frontline HIV service providers and advocates on ehealth programs for HIVcare and services

Silvia Sommariva
Spreading the (fake) News: A Study of Health Misinformation on Social Media Using the Zika Virus Case

DeAnne Turner
PrEParing young adults for HIV risk reduction: Assessing college students’ awareness and knowledge of PrEP

Coralia Vasquez-Otero
Multi-level Evidence-based Colorectal Cancer Screening Interventions: A Meta-Analysis of the Literature

Shanda Vereen
GenderDifferences in Behavioral Indications of Pregnancy Ambivalence

Nisha Vijayakumar
Dental Care Utilization Among Preterm Low Birth Weight Children

2016- 2017 Academic Year

Korede Adegoke
Trends in late stage colorectal cancer incidence rates in Florida, 2000-2012 AND Factors associated with late stage colorectal cancer incidence rate in Florida: An analysis of the 2012 Florida Cancer Data System

Ngozichulwuka Agu
Characteristics of Female Perpetrators in Treatment Programs for Domestic Violence

Pamela Birriel
Staff stress and burnout in the Florida Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program: A Qualitative study

Weilang Cen
Changes in developmental assets among non-white 3rd-5th grade girls participating in a girl-focused sport-based positive youth development program

Vanessa Chee
La Desculturizacion” –Perceptions of diet and nutritional change among indigenous communities in Ecuador

Amy Gatto
Assessing the Implementation of a Peer-Enforced Tobacco Free Campus Policy

Stacey Griner
A systems level approach to improving sexual and reproductive health among college students: Barriers and facilitators

Kimberly Hailey
Evaluating Infant Mental Health Practices: Individual and Organizational Readiness

Esther Jean-Baptiste
Is health insurance enough? Understanding primary health care utilization among women enrolled in the Florida Maternal Infant and Early Child Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program

Natasha Kurji
Improving physical activity frequency and internal assets among 3rd – 5th grade girls: An exploratory study of a sport-based positive youth development program

Elizabeth Lockhart
I have baby fever….but the other part of me needs to be logical” : The language of pregnancy ambivalence among young high risk women

Rachel Logan
Clinic staff perceptions of students’ sexual and reproductive health literacy needs on a college campus

Giorvanni Merilis
Distribution of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers Among Demographic Categories

Maria Gomez Morales
Tumor microbiome profiling to identify patients at risk of adverse treatment outcomes in head and neck cancer

Fahad Mukhtar
Clinicopathological Predictors of Survival for Burkitt’s Lymphoma in Children, Adults and Elderly

Vinita Sharma
Implementation Matters: Considering implementation factors of evidence based practices at a community agency

Bria Thomas
Effective client-directed interventions in randomized controlled trials to improve colorectal cancer screening among underserved and underinsured populations: A Systematic Review

DeAnne Turner
Processes and preferences for sexual and reproductive health information seeking among a group of young women at risk for pregnancy ambivalence AND A geospatial analysis of HIV rates and technology availability: implications for Internet based HIV programs

Coralia Vazquez-Otero
Multi-level perspectives on HPV prevention in the dental profession

Ann Vitous
Assessing the Feeding Tampa Bay Mobile Pantry Distribution Program

Aria Walsh-Felz
Oral Presentation at the Society for Applied Anthropology 77th Annual Meeting

Lindsay Womack
Severe Maternal Morbidity in Florida

Yingwei Yang
Sports Injuries Among High School Athletes in West Central Florida for Academic Year 2014-2015

Hanze Zhang
Bayesian joint quantile regression of longitudinal and survival data with skewness and left-censoring.

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