Community-Based Prevention Marketing

Eight Steps of Policy Development
An introduction to the CBPM for Policy Development process.

What are the eight steps?

Build a Strong Foundation
An overview of the Policy Development process and an invitation for community members to work together.
What Should We Change?
Identify current policies that can be adopted, and consider adoptable solutions to potential policy hurdles.
What Policy Should We Promote?
Select one policy or solution to promote using the CBPM for Policy Development approach.
Identify Priority Audiences
Identify and prioritize the audiences you need to reach.
Consider how priority audiences view the policy issue and find opportunities to build common ground among beneficiaries, key stakeholders, and decision-makers.
Develop a Strategic Plan
Create a comprehensive marketing plan for promoting policy change.
Monitor and Evaluate
Learn the importance of monitoring and evaluating policy implementation and things to consider when assessing the impact of the policy.
Are We Following the Plan?
Use the marketing plan as a blueprint from the coalition’s advocacy activities.