Florida Prevention Research Center


Florida Prevention Research Center


Our Mission:

To develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based approaches to strengthen community capacity for sustained disease prevention and health promotion.

The Florida Prevention Research Center (FPRC) uses community-based prevention marketing (CBPM) for systems change to develop, adapt, implement, evaluate, and disseminate evidence-based approaches to strengthen state and local health departments’ and community coalitions’ capacity for sustained disease prevention and health promotion. The FPRC’s health priority will be the reduction of cancer disparities, and the core research project for the next five years will focus on the promotion of colorectal cancer screening (CRCS).
News and Headlines
Social Marketing Conference inspires action
More than 200 attendees gathered at the 24th Social Marketing Conference, June 15-18, in Clearwater, Fla., hosted by USF College of Public Health’s Department of Community and Family Health. Social marketing has been vital to planning numerous public health interventions, according to Dr. Carol Bryant, Distinguished USF Health Professor. “It’s a very sophisticated way to […]
USF professors awarded grant to reduce sodium consumption in Latin America
The team members of the University of South Florida World Health Organization Collaboration Center (WHO CC) were awarded a grant to create social marketing strategies to reduce sodium consumption in Latin America. USF is part of an overall project funded at $1.2 million. Anthropology Professor Linda Whiteford and Distinguished Health Professor Carol Bryant have been […]
USF hosts international Social Marketing Conference, June 17-18
The Social Marketing Conference enters its 24th year with a continued and vigorous commitment to social marketing’s robust capacity to influence complex social problems. Based at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater, FL, the June 17-18 conference includes plenary sessions, interactive panels and focused collaborative sessions. Carol Bryant, PhD, MS, director of USF’s Florida […]
Florida Prevention Research Center helps youth to “Snack Strong”
The Florida Prevention Research Center (FPRC) at the USF College of Public Health worked with the Lexington, Kentucky Tweens Nutrition and Fitness coalition to make healthy foods more accessible throughout the city. One initiative, Better Bites: Snack Strong, provides technical assistance and marketing support to improve the nutritional quality of menus at venues that cater […]
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Radon is Real!

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Radon is Real! Educating students about radon exposure and testing.

Healthy Contact Lens Wear

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Your Back-to-School List

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Make sure to include back-to-school vaccine appointments on your checklist.

The College of Public Health at the University of South Florida is the parent organization for the Florida Prevention Research Center and is
supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cooperative agreement number 1-U48-DP-005024-01.