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PRC Fellow List

  • Moya Alfonso, PhD (Georgia Southern University)
  • Thomas Bernard, PhD (University of South Florida)
  • Jay Bernhardt, PhD, MPH (University of Florida)
  • Hendrick Brown, PhD (University of Miami)
  • Lisa Brown, PhD (University of South Florida)
  • Duane Eichler, PhD (University of South Florida – College of Medicine)
  • Mary Evans, PhD, RN, FAAN (University of South Florida -School of Nursing)
  • Lisa Kleges, PhD (The University of Memphis - School of Public Health)
  • Craig Lefebvre, PhD (University of South Florida)
  • James Lindenberger (University of South Florida – Social Marketing Group)
  • Robert Marshall, PhD, MA (Brown University)
  • Mary Martinesek, PhD, MPH (University of Tampa)
  • Dinorah Martinez-Tyson, PhD, MPH, MA (University of South Florida)
  • Robert McDermott, PhD (Florida Prevention Research Center)
  • Joyce Nickelson, PhD, MS (University of Alabama)
  • Rebecca Olsen, PhD (University of Tampa) - rolsen@ut.edu
  • Virginia Sublet, PhD (University of South Florida)
  • Wilbur Milhous, PhD (University of South Florida)
  • Florence Theordore (National Institute of Public Health of Mexico)
  • Adewale Troutman MD, MPH, MA (University of South Florida)
  • Phil Winters (University of South Florida)

The College of Public Health at the University of South Florida is the parent organization for the Florida Prevention Research Center and is
supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cooperative agreement number 1-U48-DP-005024-01.