Public Health Generalist (Certificate)


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This certificate program aims at serving the following groups: 1) students who are undecided about a specific concentration area in the College of Public Health; 2) students who are only interested in completing a few courses, not an MPH; 3) physicians or nurses who want to explore public health; 4) public health professionals who want additional graduate-level credentials.

This Public Health Generalist certificate facilitates and encourages formal training not only for our public health workforce, but also for students and professionals interested in the future of our profession. Once obtained, this certificate allows individuals to continue in a chosen track if departmental criteria for admission are met, while receiving up to 12 hours of credit toward a graduate degree for the core courses completed and passed. This certificate program helps students gain an overview of the core public health disciplines in addition to exploring and discovering some exciting career paths.

Fifteen (15) credit hours are required for completion of this Certificate program. The certificate should be completed within three years. This Certificate is offered online.

For full details on this certificate including courses, the application process and contact information see our COPH catalog pages.