Humanitarian Assistance (Certificate)


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The Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance is intended for public health professionals, as well as other humanitarian aid providers, who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of the foundations and principles of humanitarian assistance, while providing mechanisms for putting that knowledge into practice. This certificate is designed to supplement and enhance the work related experiences of professionals who are serving those affected by humanitarian emergencies, either in the United States or abroad, while also providing a foundation for persons that wish to pursue such as career. The Certificate aims to engage students in critical thinking skills, enabling them to help develop more effective aid delivery systems. The Certificate is also intended to enhance the leadership and management skills for public health professionals working with populations in need of humanitarian assistance, particularly international refugees and displaced populations. The curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature and scope and designed to develop and improve the skills of persons interested in providing emergency health services in humanitarian emergencies.

Twelve (12) credit hours are required for completion of this Certificate program. The certificate should be completed within four years. This Certificate is offered online.

For full details on this certificate including courses, the application process and contact information see our COPH catalog pages.