Maternal and Child Health

Faculty Research Summaries

One of the goals of the grant is to develop, disseminate and translate knowledge to inform MCH training, research, policy and practice. As part of our grant focus on translating knowledge to practice, each MCH faculty member will produce a two-page summary or policy brief of each recently published scientific paper for community use. The faculty research summaries can be found on this page.


Birth Defects:

Updated national birth prevalence estimates for selected birth defects in the United States, 2004-2006

Under 5 Mortality in Trinidad and Tobago


Health Promotion:

Community-based Prevention Marketing: A New Framework For Health Promotion Interventions


Perinatal Health:

A Multistate Quality Improvement Initiative to Decrease Elective Deliveries Before 39 Weeks

Hospital Use, Associated Costs, and Payer Status for Infants Born with Spina Bifida


Reproductive Health & Pregnancy:

Preventing the Second Pregnancy: A School-based Intervention for Teen Mothers

Political Contexts Surrounding Title X, the National Family Planning Program, Over the Past Four Decades: Oral Histories with Key Stakeholders in Florida

Maternal Pre-Pregnancy Body Mass Index and Risk of Selected Birth Defects: Evidence of a Dose-Response Relationship

Outcomes of Latina Women in Centering Pregnancy Group Prenatal Care Compared With Individual Prenatal Care


Leisure-Time Physical Activity Patterns and Correlates Among Pregnant Women in Ontario, Canada


Sexual Health:

Confusion about Pap Smears: Lack of Knowledge Among High-Risk Women

Google It: Obtaining Information About STD/HIV Testing Services Online

State of the Union: Sexual Health Disparities in a National Sample of US College Students

Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Human Papillomavirus Test Results in Men

Pilot Study of Internet-Based Video-Group for Women with HIV


Substance Abuse:


Putting Tribal Nations First: Historical Trends, Current Needs, and Future Directions in Substance Use Prevention for American Indian and Alaska Native Youths


Building Partnerships Between Indigenous Communities and Universities: Lessons Learned in HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse Prevention Research