Maternal and Child Health

Interdisciplinary Women's Health Seminar Videos

Filmed at the USF College of Public Health, the Interdisciplinary Women's Health Seminar led by Dr. Ellen Daley is an interactive exploration of an interdisciplinary approach to women's health, transdisciplinary projects and interdisciplinary problem solving.

May 2011

VIDEO: Interdisciplinary Practice 

          Morning Lecture Slides PDF

VIDEO: Transdisciplinary Research

VIDEO: Transdisciplinary Women's Health Project

          Afternoon Lecture Slides PDF


May 2012

VIDEO: Interdisciplinary Practice and Women's Health with Dr. Ellen Daley

VIDEO: Women's Health Project Participants

VIDEO: Interdisciplinary Research with Dr. Cheryl Vamos

VIDEO: Interdisciplinary Training


May 2013

VIDEO: Disciplinary Research with Dr. Ellen Daley

VIDEO: Disciplinary Research & Practice

VIDEO: Interdisciplinar Woman's Health

VIDEO: Multidisciplinary Research with Laura Merrell

VIDEO: Next Generation of Interdisciplinary Training

VIDEO: Woman's Health Questions & Interdisciplinary Training

Lecture slides for all presentations PDF