Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training Program
USF Health - College of Public Health

Filmed at the USF College of Public Health in May 2011 and December 2011, the Family-Centered Care Seminars consisted of several interactive presentations by multiple speakers on the history of family-centered care and where it is heading, experiences working for organizations that offer family-centered medical services, and firsthand experiences of families. Participants developed a greater understanding of and committment to the elements of family-centered care.


April 2013 FCC Seminar:

VIDEO: Role of Collaboration and Medical Homes with Dr. Robert Nelson and Dr. Abraham Salinas

                          Abraham Salinas' Presentation Slides

                          Robert Nelson's Presentation Slides

VIDEO: What is Family Centered Care? with Dr. Martha Coulter             

                         Martha Coulter's Presentation Slides

VIDEO: Family-Centered Care for infants and young children with special needs with Dr. Diane Koch

                          Diane Koch's Presentation Slides

VIDEO: Role of Fathers in Parenting with Dr. Brian McEwan, Dr. Lianne Estefan, John Roth, and fathers

VIDEO: Family-centered care with the LGBT community with Anthony Panzera 

                          Anthony Panzera's Presentation Slides


December 2011 FCC Seminar:

VIDEO: Introduction to Family-Centered Care with Dr. Robert Lucio

                           Robert Lucio's presentation slides

VIDEO: Parental Experience with Joane White

VIDEO:  Pediatrics and Family Engagement with Dr. Abraham Salinas

                          Abraham Salinas' presentation slides

VIDEO: Group Prenatal Care with Jennifer Brumley

VIDEO: Adolescent Parent Stephanie Ramos


May 2011 FCC Seminar:

VIDEO: Principles of Family-Centered Care and Implications for Service with Lianne Estefan, PhD

                           Lianne Estefan's presentation slides

VIDEO: Experiences of Families and Health Care Workers with Joane White, Family Support Worker for the Florida Department of Health Children's Medical Services, and Janet Hess, Project Director for the Florida Health and Transition Services

                           Janet Hess' presentation slides

VIDEO: Teen Mother Experiences Discussion led by Dr. Robert Lucio




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