Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training Program
USF Health - College of Public Health

Filmed at the USF College of Public Health in December 2010 and March 2012, the Cultural Competency Seminars consisted of several interactive presentations by multiple speakers on topics related to culture, why it is important, and how cultural competency can be achieved. The seminars also presented useful information on cultural competence in specific population groups.

November 2013 CC Seminar:

            Presentation Slides -T Nesman (pdf)

VIDEO: Intro on Culture

VIDEO: Cultural Competence

VIDEO: Organizational Cultural Competence

VIDEO: Using a Cultural Competence Assessment Tool

VIDEO: Multi-Cultural Panel Discussion on Help-Seeking Behavior


March 2012 CC Seminar:

VIDEO: Cultural Competence and Diversity with Robert Lucio, PhD

                Presentation slides (pdf)

VIDEO: Haitian Picuristes/Injectionists and Health Care Practices with Guitele Rahill, PhD

                Presentation slides - G Rahill (pdf)

VIDEO: Organizational Cultural Competence with Robert Lucio, PhD

                Presentation slides - R Lucio (pdf)

VIDEO: Health Disparities, Latinos and MCH with Maridelys Detres, MA

                Presentation slides - M Detres (pdf)

VIDEO: Cultural Competence Working with Disabilities with Rachael Haskell, Phd

                Presentation slides - R Haskell (pdf)


December 2010 CC Seminar:

VIDEO: Cultural Competency with Dr. Robert Lucio

                   Dr. Lucio's presentation slides

This video features Dr. Robert Lucio giving a lecture on Cultural Competence in Public Health (Or Anywhere Else). The lecture was part of a full-day seminar on competence when working with people of different ethnic and disability backgrounds. The lecture addresses:  What culture is, why it is important to health, what cultural competence is, what is meant by the concept of "health disparities," and a framework for building organizational competence.



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