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Entamoeba histolytica Giardia lamblia Schistosoma mansoni Hymenolepis nana Ascaris lumbricoides Trichuris trichuria Hookworm Strongiloides spp. Heterophyes hetereophyes

 Materials in the Parasite Repository

1. Fecal specimens positive for a variety of parasites

2. Specimens of whole parasites

3. Microscope slides:
    a. wet preparations prepared from preserved specimens
    b. stained fecal smears
    c. stained blood films
    d. stained tissue sections showing pathology
    e. whole-mounts of parasites or stages of parasites

4. Photographs, diagrams, and charts
    a. parasites
    b. life cycle of parasites
    c. localities of endemicity
    d. maps
    e. people
    f. habitats of people, vectors, intermediate hosts
    g. disease expression in individuals (clinical picture)

5. Photomicrographs
    a. parasites
    b. parasite pathology
    c. vectors and intermediate hosts
    d. environment relative to endemicity
    e. geographical map

6. Usual laboratory materials and equipment, including a 5-place multiview microscope

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