Donald Price Center for Parasite Repository and Education

Dr. price
Donald L. Price, Ph.D.
Founding Director (2002 - 2005)

Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Dr. Donald L. Price Center for Parasite Repository and Education. A parasitic infection is an intimate relationship between organisms of two species that is obligatory for one, the parasite, and not for the other, the host. Such relationships vary greatly depending on the species of both the parasite and host. The Center offers students, scientists, educators, and other interested professionals, through the use of specimens, photomicrographs, photographs, and written materials in the repository, the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of parasites and parasitic infections. The opportunities encompassed include courses, lectures, microscopy and photomicrography of preserved specimens, learning and/or practicing laboratory procedures, and reviewing photomicrographs, pictures, and written or computerized materials available in the repository.