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Summer 2013 GIS in Public Health Poster Presentations

Remotely Differentiating Malaria Prevalence in Urban and Urban Agricultural Land Cover Areas in Accra, Ghana Preliminary GIS-based Analysis of Environmental Factors Associated with Leptospirosis in Ecuador
Mapping Diabetes Mellitus in Saint Lucia: The Use of GIS for Effective Design and Delivery of Translational Health Services Evaluating the Spatial Relationship Between Remotely-Sensed Urban Vegetation and Tuberculosis in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Quantifying Vegetation Indices for the Mapping of Urinary Schistosomiasis in Senegal Spatial-temporal Geographical Predictive Mapping of Mosquito Disease Vectors in the USF Eco-Research Area
Geographical and Spatial Analysis of Loa loa Prevalence in Endemic African Countries

Spring 2013 GIS in Public Health Poster Presentations

Pertussis Trends in Florida Household Income and Minority Population Analysis of Tampa Bay for Future MedNet Program Sites
Botswana Fights Against HIV The Applications of Geographic Information System (GIS) in the analysis of Diabetes Control and Prevention Programs
Utilizing GIS technology to visualize Tampa's Air Pollution Crisis GIS Analysis of Los Angeles County Food Resources by Type and their Relationship to Obesity and Poverty
Population And Financial Status Around Florida’s Superfund Sites

Fall 2012 GIS in Public Health Poster Presentations

GIS to Evaluate Sarasota County's Commuter Concentration Relative to Bicycle and Pedestrian-Vehicle Crash Accident Hotspots Reduction of HIV Cases in the State of Florida, 2006-2010
Minority Groups Living in the United States and Population in Africa are at Great Risk of Developing Poor Health Livestock and Environmental Variables to Identify Possible Vulnerabilities for Rift Valley Fever along the Tanya River, Kenya

Summer 2012 GIS in Public Health Poster Presentations

Application of the Geographic Information Systems as a New Approach for the Potable Water and Hygiene Issues in the Republic of Panam Using Parish-level Prevalence Data within a GIS Environment to Understand and Predict Malaria Activity Foci in the Province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador