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Steering Committee

Structure: The Faculty Assembly shall have a Steering Committee comprised of the officers of the Faculty Assembly, the immediate past-president of the Faculty Assembly, and chairpersons of the Standing Committees.

Functions and Duties: The Steering Committee shall be responsible for:

  • Representing the Faculty Assembly in the strategic planning of the college and CEPH accreditation;
  • Advising the Dean on organization, management and financial affairs of the college and its departments;
  • Coordination of oversight of Faculty Assembly Standing Committees;
  • Other duties and tasks as assigned by the Faculty Assembly;
  • Periodic review of the governance manual, at least annually; and
  • Promoting the preparation of the college annual report, an annual update of the CEPH self-study and the ASPH report and outcomes assessment.

(From Governance Manual pages 6 & 7)

Position Name E-Mail Phone
President Thomas Mason tmason@health.usf.edu 974-6675
Vice President Sheri Eisert seisert@health.usf.edu 974-6652
Historian Jill Roberts jroberts@health.usf.edu 974-6985
FA Immediate Past President Yehia Hammad yhammad@health.usf.edu 974-6625
Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee Martha Coulter mcoulter@health.usf.edu 974-7829
Chair, Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee Steve Mlynarek smlynare@health.usf.edu 974-6628
Chair, Educational Outcomes Committee Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano asanchez@health.usf.edu 974-6671
Chair, Student Affairs Committee TBA ------- -------
Chair, Laboratory and Safety Committee Ira Richards irichard@health.usf.edu 974-6630
Chair, Educational Technology and Assessment Committee Jim Mortimer jmortime@health.usf.edu 974-7046

This committee will meet as needed. All meetings are announced by the Faculty Assembly President through e-mail communication to the faculty assembly.