Lab and Safety Committee


The committee shall be composed of a safety officer and a laboratory specialist appointed by the Dean, one student selected by the Public Health Student Association, and a faculty member selected from each department. The committee shall select one of the faculty members to serve as chairperson.

Functions and Duties:

  • Serves to oversee all issues pertaining to safety within the College of Public Health;
  • Identify potentially significant chemical, physical, and biological hazards, and makeappropriate recommendations for improvement; and
  • The safety officer shall oversee the training of laboratory personnel in chemical and biological hazard recognition and control measures to provide a safe laboratory environment.

(From Governance Manual page 10)


Position Name E-Mail Phone
Chair, Safety Officer Ira Richards 974-6630
Laboratory Specialist Angela Salem 974-6715
Member Wei Wang 974-8913
Member Martha Coulter 974-6685
Member John Large 974-6647
Member Marie Bourgeois 974-6660
Member Azliyait Azizan 974-2079
Student Alison Abritis
Building Supervisor Michael Haywood 974-6613


The Laboratory and Safety Committee does not have a regularly scheduled meeting date. Much of the work of the committee is accomplished by email from the Chair.


Note: Click Here to download the USF Chemical Hygiene Plan