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Faculty Affairs Committee

Structure: The Faculty Affairs Committee shall be composed of one tenured faculty member elected by each department, and four tenured professors who serve for two years, elected at large by the Faculty Assembly.

Functions and Duties:

  • Recommend the College-criteria, policies and procedures for appointment, promotion and tenure;
  • Review credentialing of faculty and others for serving on doctoral and masterscommittees;
  • Recommend College- policies and procedures for faculty evaluations;
  • Review and make recommendations for promotion and tenure of faculty, post-tenure sustained performance evaluations of tenured faculty; and mid-tenure track review;
  • Foster faculty development;
  • Recommend College criteria, policies and procedures for merit pay;
  • Facilitate nomination and review of faculty for honors and awards;
  • Facilitate understanding of tenure and promotion policies and procedures as well asappropriate procedures concerning grievances and informal resolution of conflicts; and
  • Monitor policies and make recommendations for equal opportunity and diversity in the College.

(From Governance Manual page 9)


Position Name E-Mail Phone
Martha Coulter (Chair) CFH mcoulter@health.usf.edu 974-7829
Carol Bryant CFH cbryant@health.usf.edu 974-6686
Yehia Hammad EOH yhammad@health.usf.edu 974-6625
Tom Mason EOH tmason@health.usf.edu 974-6675
Wei Wang EPB wwang@health.usf.edu 974-6978
Getachew Dagne EPB gdagne@health.usf.edu 974-6680
Jay Wolfson EOH jwolfson@health.usf.edu 974-6643
Etienne Pracht HPM epracht@health.usf.edu 974-7609
Julie Baldwin CFH jbaldwin@health.usf.edu 974-6692
Dennis Kyle GLH dkyle@health.usf.edu 974-0992


Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 1:00 – 2:00 pm in the COPH Dean's conference room.