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Structure:The committee shall be composed of one faculty member from eachdepartment. Additional faculty and/or staff members can be added for planning and data analysis purposes. Department Chairs and the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs are non-voting ex-officio members.

Functions and Duties:

  • Coordinate activities to develop, monitor, and review the educational outcomesmeasures used for all degrees offered by the College. The committee reviews and updates these indicators on an ongoing basis;
  • Review the data collection procedures for the outcome indicators, coordinate activities for data collection, and analyze all data findings at least quarterly;
  • Prepare official outcomes assessment reports for the University, College, andDepartments as needed;
  • Interact with accreditation committees and other University and College committees as needed in providing outcomes assessment information and data results; and
  • Monitor procedures and requirements of degree components such as: the comprehensive examination, field experience, special project and thesis.

(From Governance Manual page 10 & 11)


Chair Jaime Corvin jcorvin1@health.usf.edu


Member Wei Wang  wwang@health.usf.edu


Member Barbara Orban  borban@health.usf.edu


Member Carla Vandeweerd cvandewe@health.usf.edu


Member Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano, asanchez@health.usf.edu


Member Steve Mlynarek smlynare@health.usf.edu


Ad Hoc Member Barbara Kennedy bkennedy@health.usf.edu


Interim Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs* Deanna Wathington dwathing@health.usf.edu


Student Affairs Program Assitant* Kate Wolfe-Quintero kwolfequ@health.usf.edu




TheEducational Outcomes Committee meets regularly following each MPH comprehensive exam date, or when needed. Meetings are held at least once a quarter. The chair announces meetings by email and they usually take place on a Friday afternoon from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. 


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