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USF COPH Diversity Goal

The USF COPH values inclusiveness and respect for all people. We will accomplish this through our culture, curriculum, research and service by continually fostering an environment within the College that embraces diversity, a sense of community, collegiality and life-long learning.

Diversity Initiatives

The College of Public Health, USF Health and the entire University are committed to providing a working and learning environment that respects and appreciates individuals from all cultures and backgrounds. Programs are offered within USF Health and USF to encourage communication among our faculty, staff and students about the importance of diversity in our academic community, as well as, to enhance their understanding of the University policies that are designed to protect the rights of all individuals.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

The University Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Office (DIEO) is responsible for providing programs and policies designed to ensure that diversity and equal opportunity are a thriving part of the fabric of the University of South Florida. Learn about the University policies and many programs offered by our DIEO Office by clicking on http://usfweb2.usf.edu/EOA/

If you have any concerns about diversity please contact Paula Knaus, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.

Diversity Health Events

Seminars are an extension of the USF Health’s vision for diversity that calls upon USF Health faculty, staff and students to create a diversity conscience that forges connections between people and strengthens understanding of the rich complexities, ambiguities and nuances of the human condition. http://health.usf.edu/medicine/mdprogram/diversity/index.htm