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Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee

Structure: The Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee shall be composed of two faculty members elected from each of the COPH Departments. The committee will meet at least once per academic term. A representative of the Office of Academic Affairs, the College of Public Health representative to the University Graduate Council assigned to the curriculum subcommittee, and two student representatives selected by the Public Health Student Association, and Associate (Assistant) Dean for Academic Affairs shall serve as ex-officio non-voting members of the committee.


  • Oversee degree programs offered by the COPH and review and approve new degrees, programs, concentration areas, and course proposals which originate with the departments;
  • Monitor the curricula and degree programs of the COPH and periodically review the policies;
  • Oversee periodic reviews of academic programs as a means of providing ongoing evaluation to assist in program improvement and meeting the standards set by the Council Education for Public Health (CEPH) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS);
  • Approve and monitor academic certificate programs; and
  • Monitor and coordinate interdepartmental academic programs.

(From Governance Manual pages 9-10)


Members: Department: Phone: E-Mail
Karen Liller CFH 4-7047 kliller@health.usf.edu
Stephanie Marhefka CFH 4-5810 smarhefk@health.usf.edu
Skai Schwartz  EPB 4-6679 sschwart@health.usf.edu
Yougui Wu EPB 4-4719 ywu@health.usf.edu
Foday Jaward EOH 396-9431 fjaward@health.usf.edu
Steve Mlynarek* EOH 4-6628 smlynare@health.usf.edu
Ismael Hoare GH 4-7162 ihoare@health.usf.edu
Kate Wolfe-Quintero GH 4-2165 kwolfequ@health.usf.edu
John Large HPM 4-6651 jlarge@health.usf.edu
Jacqueline Wiltshire HPM 4-6741 jwiltshi@health.usf.edu
Shana Green student rep (CFH) sgreen10@health.usf.edu
Alison Abritis student rep (EOH)   aabriti1@health.usf.edu
Sandhya Srinivasan ETA 4-8911  ssriniva@health.usf.edu
Rita DeBate Admin 4-9935 rdebate@health.usf.edu

* Chair

Minutes / Agenda:

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These are provided for convenience but please remember that all APCC agenda items must be received by the Chair from a designated Department representative.

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Graduate Studies: Graduate Course and Program Processing

Go to this site to find the online submission form for proposing new courses and an explanation of the process.

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