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ETA office provides technical assistance to faculty teaching online courses.

Technical assistance is provided if you incur a technical problem when using application software (such as PowerPoint, Flash, Word, Dreamweaver) to develop course content, uploading content to Blackboard, or accessing content currently on your course website. We also provide support and assistance with visual design, selecting application software and Blackboard tools, assessing your course to ensure instructional integrity, developing simulations, multimedia presentations, digitizing course content and multimedia development. See 'Support Services' for details. (Sorry, we do not provide assistance with computer hardware problems or on-campus courses.)

Check this blog for announcements from USF Academic Computing about system-wide problems with Blackboard:

At the current time, we offer 3 methods to contact us for technical assistance. (Please note the Technical Problem Report Form is the ONLY method you can use after business hours and on weekends.) Select from one of the following options listed below.

Technical Problem Report Form:

Use this form ANYTIME of the day, night or weekends. Simply click on the link above to receive technical assistance for your online course. After you complete and submit the form you will be contacted WITHIN 24 hours from one of the ETA staff using the preferred method of contact indicated on the form.

Call Us:

This method is only available M-F 8:30am-5pm . Call us toll free at 1-888-USF-COPH (option #3) or 1-813-974-6666.

Visit Us:

This method is only available M-F 8:30am-5pm . Our office is located in Room 1018 at the College of Public Health. (We are on the first floor across from Accounting and Finance.)