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Technology Workshops

The ETA staff offer a variety of technology workshops to faculty and staff on topics ranging from instructional pedagogy, Canvas and innovative uses of new technologies. Each semester a series of workshops are offered to faculty in an informal setting allowing for faculty and instructional designers to discuss the appropriate uses of such technologies in coursework. Below you will find events from past semesters.

New workshops are here! See below for a list of the new and exciting workshops to be offered by the ETA office this semester.

Note that all workshops are offered from 12-1 pm in COPH DL Studio Rm. 2006. Exceptions noted below.

TO RSVP: Email and specify the name of the workshop, date/time you are interested in, and your department. Seats are limited; please register as soon as possible.

  • 09/29:TA Online Course Facilitation Workshop

    Description: The position of a Teaching Assistant is a valuable experience but can sometimes be challenging. In this workshop, we will discuss pedagogical best practices you can apply to facilitate your online course appointment. We will also illustrate creative tips and tricks to make effective use of Canvas tools to complete common TA tasks.

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  • 10/12:New and Emerging Technologies

    Description: Technology is constantly changing and it’s important that you know how! Come learn about new technologies that are available and how they can be used to enhance the learning experience in your on-campus and online courses.

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  • 10/19:Increasing Interactivity in your Online Course

    Description: Get every student in your online class engaged to the point where they forget they are online! Come find out about effective interaction strategies that you can incorporate in your online courses that will encourage and foster more meaningful student learning.

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  • 10/27:Can You "Hear" Me Now? Effective Communication in an Online Course

    Description: Online courses use a combination of techniques and technologies that allow instructors and students alike to interact and communicate with students that encourage a sense of community and help to improve the online learning environment. This workshop will look at the various types of communication in an online course and provide tips and tricks to help instructors learn how to properly communicate with students in an online environment.

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  • 11/02:Best Practices for Classroom Interactions

    Description: Research have shown that one of the best ways for students to acquire and retain new knowledge is through different learning interactions. In the classroom setting, there are many ways to create learning opportunities for students to interact. Those interactions can be with their classmate, with the course content and with the instructor. This workshop will provide best practices and ideas to implement when planning and executing learning interactions.”

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  • 11/17:Storyline

    Description:Turn your PowerPoint presentation into an interactive eLearning module. Learn how to create effective and engaging content presentations using Articulate Storyline. This workshop will cover the basics to get you started, such as: importing content, managing the timeline, adding interactions, and customizing the player.

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