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Technology Workshops

The ETA staff offer a variety of technology workshops to faculty and staff on topics ranging from instructional pedagogy, Canvas and innovative uses of new technologies. Each semester a series of workshops are offered to faculty in an informal setting allowing for faculty and instructional designers to discuss the appropriate uses of such technologies in coursework. Below you will find events from past semesters.

New workshops are here! See below for a list of the new and exciting workshops to be offered by the ETA office this semester.

Note that all workshops are offered from 12:30PM - 1:30PM in COPH DL Studio Rm. 2006. Exceptions noted below.

TO RSVP: Email and specify the name of the workshop, date/time you are interested in, and your department. Seats are limited; please register as soon as possible.

  • 10/18: Clickers

    Description: Get every student in your class engaged with this “not so new” tool – the Clicker! Come find out how clickers can be used in your classes to facilitate greater interaction in a dynamic learning environment that encourages more meaningful student participation

    Date: Friday, 10/18

    Presented By: Laura Rusnak (Instructor, COPH) and Trudy Trail (Instructional Designer, ETA

  • 10/24: Plagiarism & Turn it In

    Description: This workshop will cover the topic of plagiarism with an emphasis of how it is relevant to university teaching and publication. Topics include, but not limited to: what is plagiarism, how to detect it and strategies to avoid it. This workshop will also provide an overview of the Turn it In plagiarism tool in Canvas

    Date: Thursday, 10/24
    from 12:30 to 2 pm

    Presented By: Andrew M. Smith (Librarian, Academic Services) and Anchalee Ngampornchai (Instructional Designer, ETA

  • 10/29: Disabilities

    Description: As more students with disabilities join our classes both in person and on line, knowing more about how to work with these students is important. This workshop will address accessibility issues in your online courses, come learn about students with disabilities and how to implement accommodate these students

    Date: Tuesday, 10/29

    Presented By: Deborah McCarthy (Director, Students with Disabilities Services

  • 11/08: Collaborate

    Description: Elluminate is out and Collaborate is in! Collaborate offers a more collaborative, interactive and mobile experience that allows you to engage your students at anytime from anywhere. It can be used for virtual lectures, presentations, meetings and more. Come learn how Collaborate can be used in your own courses to build a better educational experience

    Date: Friday, 11/08
    Held virtually using Collaborate

    Presented By: Samantha Lopez, Andres Abril and Jung Lim (Instructional Designers, ETA

  • 11/14: Copyright

    Description: This workshop will cover the topic of copyright with an emphasis of how it is relevant to university teaching and publication. Topics include but not limited to: what is copyright, penalties for copyright infringement, public domain and fair use

    Date: Thursday, 11/14

    Presented By: Andrew M. Smith (Librarian, Academic Services

  • 11/20: Canvas Inbox & Notifications

    Description: The Canvas Inbox has changed! Come learn about the new updates. Also, find out more about how to properly utilize the Canvas Inbox and the Notification System to its full potential

    Date: Wednesday, 11/20
    Held in COPH Lab B

    Presented By: Kelly Campana (Canvas Administrator, USF IS

  • 12/05: New Technologies

    Description: Technology is constantly changing! Come learn about new technologies that are available and how they can be used to enhance the learning experience in your on-campus and online courses

    Date: Thursday, 12/05
    Held in COPH Lab B

    Presented By: Trudy Trail (Instructional Designer, ETA

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