Educational Technology and Assessment

Online Course Listing

Click on the appropriate course level to view the list of all online courses for that level.  ETA provides students with a "Course at a glance" document that provides a synopsis of the course syllabus and provides students an opportunity to plan their semester. All attempts are made to update the CAG prior to the semester start date.

  • Undergraduate
    Subject Course Number Course Title
    HSC 2100 Contemporary Health Science
    HSC 4172 Women's Health: A PH Perspective
    HSC 4211 Health Behavior and Society
    HSC 4213 Environmental and Occupational Risk Analysis
    HSC 4430 Occupational Health and Safety
    HSC 4504 Foundations of PH Immunology
    HSC 4537 Medical Terminology
    HSC 4551 Survey of Human Diseases
    HSC 4573 Foundations of Food Safety
    HSC 4579 Foundations of Maternal & Child Health
    HSC 4624 Foundations of Global Health
    HSC 4630 Understanding U.S. Health Care
    HSC 4631 Critical Issues in Public Health
    HSC 4933 Behavioral Health Systems Delivery
    HSC 4933 Environmental Health Science
    HSC 4933 Eco Rationale for Health Policy
    HSC 4933 Epidemiology of Pregnancy and birth: Global Perspectives
    HSC 4933 Principles of Toxicology I
    HUN 2201 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies
    HUN 3126 Food and Culture
    HUN 3272 Sports Nutrition
    HUN 3296 Nutrition and Disease
    PHC 3302 Introduction to EOH
    PHC 3320 Environmental Health Science
    PHC 4030 Introduction to Epidemiology
    PHC 4031 Emerging Infectious Diseases
    PHC 4032 Foundations of Infection Control
    PHC 4069 Biostatistics in Society
    PHC 4101 Introduction to Public Health
    PHC 4140 Intro to Public Health GIS
    PHC 4406 Pop Culture Vices & Epidemiology: Sex, Beer & Chocolate
    PHC 4720 Foundations of Public Health Writing
    PHC 4933 Introduction to GEO Information Systems
    PHC 4942 PH Seminar: Literature in Public Health
  • Graduate
    Subject Course Number Course Title
    HSC 6557 Pathobiology of Human Disease II
    MHS 6640 Mental Health Informatics
    MHS 7740 Survey Plan, Evaluation and Accountability
    PHC 5933 Introduction to Public Health Geo Information Systems
    PHC 6000 Epidemiology
    PHC 6002 Infectious Disease Epidemiology
    PHC 6006 Epidemiology Methods Infectious Disease
    PHC 6008 Cardiovascular Edpidemiology
    PHC 6010 Epidemiology Methods I
    PHC 6011 Epidemiology Methods II
    PHC 6050 Biostatistics I
    PHC 6051 Biostatistics II
    PHC 6053 Categorical Data Analysis
    PHC 6102 Principles of Health Pol & Management
    PHC 6104 Management of Public Health Programs
    PHC 6146 Health Services Planning and Evaluation
    PHC 6184 Emergency Disaster Recovery
    PHC 6185 Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Planning Concepts
    PHC 6186 Public Health Emergence In Large Populations
    PHC 6190 Pub Health Database Management
    PHC 6232 Emergency to Development
    PHC 6233 Challenges in Humanitarian Field
    PHC 6251 Disease Surveillance and Monitoring
    PHC 6300 Principles Environmental Health
    PHC 6307 Exposure Assessment
    PHC 6310 Environmental/ Occupational Toxicology
    PHC 6313 Indoor Environmental Quality
    PHC 6314 Infection Control Program Design
    PHC 6325 Environmental Laboratory Principles
    PHC 6345 HSE Management & Administration
    PHC 6350 Occupational Toxicology and Risk Assessment
    PHC 6353 Environment Risk Assessment
    PHC 6355 Occupational Safety
    PHC 6357 Environmental & Occupational Health
    PHC 6359 Xenobiotics Metabolism in EOH
    PHC 6369 Industrial Toxicology
    PHC 6373 Bioterrorism & Biodefense
    PHC 6410 Social/Behavioral Science Applied to Health
    PHC 6411 Introduction to Social Marketing
    PHC 6421 Public Health Law and Ethics
    PHC 6435 Perspectives in Health Insurance
    PHC 6460 Social Marketing Program Management
    PHC 6461 Advanced Social Marketing
    PHC 6517 Infectious Disease Prevention
    PHC 6539 Foundations Adolescent Behavioral Health
    PHC 6543 Foundations of Behavioral Health Systems
    PHC 6562 Microbiology for Healthcare Workers
    PHC 6591 Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology
    PHC 6701 Comp Applications for PH Researchers
    PHC 6705 Formative Res Meth Socials Marketing
    PHC 6724 Synthesizing Pub Health Research
    PHC 6934 Medical Terminology
    PHC 6934 Global Issues in Environmental Health
    PHC 6934 Hazardous Materials & Communication in the Workplace
    PHC 6936 Public Health Capstone
    PHC 6974 Social Marketing Capstone
    PHC 7008 Neuroepidemiology
    PHC 7931 AIS: Pub Retractions in Health Science
    PHC 7931 AIS: Case Studies in EOH
    PHC 7931 AIS in PH: Research Ethics
    PHC 7935 Seminar in Writing a Dissertation