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Mission Statement | Organization of the Sunshine ERC

The University of South Florida Sunshine Education and Research Center (ERC) joined the ensemble of ERCs across the nation in 1997. Its programs include Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health Nursing, Occupational Medicine, Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Psychology, Continuing Education and Outreach, Safety Management, Pilot Research Projects, NORA Research Programs and Hazardous Substance Continuing Education Training. Each program in the ERC works to train professionals, in the areas of Occupational Safety and Health. The ERC programs promote interdisciplinary interaction among professionals with varying backgrounds.

The Sunshine ERC is located in Tampa, on Florida's west central coast. Florida is the fourth largest state and has some of the highest workers' compensation costs nationally. The type of key industries (e.g. construction, mining and agriculture) that are associated with dangerous work activities, and the type that causes excesses of occupationally related injuries, accidents, and diseases are very prevalent in Florida. The Sunshine ERC is unique because of its strong interdisciplinary activities; use of distance learning for education programs; programs addressing under-representation of minorities; research focus on NORA priorities; recognition as a state and regional resource in occupational safety and health; and demonstration of strong internal/institution support.

Through its diversified research endeavors, improvements in the safety of the workplace and reductions of work-related accidents, injuries, deaths and toxic exposures are anticipated. The results will be a healthier and more productive workforce with an enhanced quality of life. Research efforts of the Sunshine ERC support the NIOSH, National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) and these efforts emphasize:

  • Prevention of occupational asthma;
  • Analysis of repetitive motion injuries and ergonomic controls;
  • Management of indoor air quality;
  • Function and use of personal protective equipment;
  • Occupational infectious diseases including blood-borne pathogens;
  • Strategies that integrate the principles of risk analysis and assessment; and
  • Cost and quality issues of managed care for workers' compensation programs.

Mission Statement of the Sunshine ERC

The mission of the Sunshine ERC is to improve the health, safety, and well being of workers through developing diverse high quality trained OHS graduate professionals having interdisciplinary experience, conducting cutting edge research, and providing outreach services.

Organization of the Sunshine ERC

Center Director:
Deputy Director:
 Occupational Medicine
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Deputy Director of Clinical Programs:
 Occupational Health Nursing
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 Industrial Hygiene
Deputy Director
 Occupational Safety
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 Occupational Health Psychology
Deputy Director
 Pilot Research Projects
 Continuing Education
Deputy Director, CWCP

USF College of Public Health is the parent organization for the Sunshine Education and Research Center. The department home for the Sunshine Education and Research Center is Environmental and Occupational Health.

Mission Statement | Organization of the Sunshine ERC