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The Sunshine ERC Student Association's Interdisciplinary Site Visit to Tampa Bay Downs

Several Sunshine ERC students were able to learn about the many different occupational health issues facing race track workers in our second interdisciplinary SERC site visit, on March 2, 2011. The site visit was led by Sister Sara Proctor, a Physician's Assistant, and the Coordinator of Catholic Mobile Medical Services. In addition to providing free medical care to the migrant/seasonal farm worker population in east Hillsborough County, Sister Sara also provides a weekly free health clinic. Additionally, she holds an annual free health fair for the people who work "behind the scenes" at Tampa Bay Downs. Her weekly clinics are offered on Wednesdays, from December through May, when the seasonal race track workers are in residence at Tampa Bay Downs. During the site visit, Sister Sara shared her insights regarding the unique occupational health issues the workers face: e.g. muscular strains/sprains; falls; confined spaces of the starting gates; exposure to temperature extremes; exposure to bioaerosols; respiratory problems; and cardiovascular health issues; as well as the lack of health insurance coverage. Sunshine ERC students may also wish to view the NIOSH website An Overview of Safety and Health for Workers in the Horse-Racing Industry.

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