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Southeastern States Occupational Network (SouthON)
Third Annual Meeting

Southeastern States Occupational Network | October 22-23, 2013 

NIOSH and the NIOSH Supported Education and Research Centers at the University of South Florida/ the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Auburn University/ the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/the University of Kentucky

Injuries in Southeastern Post-Disaster Reconstruction:
Focus on Hispanic Workers

You are invited to attend this conference in Tampa, FL

Brochure and Registration

Objectives—At the conclusion of this conference, attendees will be able to:
  1. Enumerate the recovery and restoration issues that must be addressed following a flood, hurricane, tornado, or other catastrophic event;
  2. Describe the important hazards that may cause injuries and fatalities to post-disaster construction workers;
  3. Explain the special challenges to immigrant workers in construction; and
  4. Practice grant writing skills.
Please visit our Embassy Suites reservation site.

For more information, contact Hana Osman at the University of South Florida: or (813) 974-0989