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During the 2009-2010 academic year, Sunshine ERC (SERC) graduate students have participated as mentors/leaders/presenters in 21 recruitment/outreach events, including:

  • 7 lab tours/technical information sessions for 80 college students and 20 high school students.
  • 8 presentations about the SERC to various undergraduate (UG) students groups from USF and the University of Tampa, reaching about 210 students.
  • 2 displays at USF career events – the Graduate and Professional Fair (November) and Health Careers Expo (March), with a total of 35 USF undergraduate students visiting the SERC exhibit at the two events.
  • Outreach to High School (HS) students
    • 3 presentations at 3 high schools, reaching about 75 students
    • SERC information table and exhibit at two ACCESS Days events (fall & spring) at USF Health, visited by over 100 high school students from schools in West Central Florida

During the 2009-2010 academic year, our Sunshine ERC graduate students contributed IMMENSELY to our recruitment and outreach endeavors!
We encourage all our Sunshine ERC graduate students to help us in the future. To contribute, to these outreach and recruitment presentations, tours and events, please contact Ellen Kent, MPH, SERC Coordinator at

Photo Gallery:

A College of Nursing researcher explains her research to the students in the biobehavioral research labs. These labs contain state-of-the art equipment for conducting blood assays, such as inflammatory markers, stress hormones, proteomics, and RNA and DNA analyses.
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Dr. Cha introduces students to the Lisa Muma Weitz Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy & Cell Imaging, where researchers can perform in-depth microscopic analysis to investigate damage to cells from physical or chemical agents.
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A SERC Industrial Hygiene doctoral student explains his research project on the characterization of a whole body exposure chamber. This chamber can be used to generate exposures to low levels of contaminants.

A SERC Industrial Hygiene student displays a Collison nebulizer, a type of liquid aerosol generator.

A SERC Industrial Hygiene student describes his research project concerning the efficacy of surgical masks in capturing particulates generated by the liquid aerosol generator.

A student uses an X-ray florescence (XRF) metal (lead in paint in this case) detection instrument.

A SERC Industrial Hygiene doctoral student demonstrates the use of a hand-held mercury analyzer.

A SERC Industrial Hygiene student describes her research testing the performance of a new portable air quality monitor.

A SERC Industrial Hygiene doctoral student demonstrates and describes different types of respirators.

Students pose in front of the heat stress laboratory's wet bulb globe temperature monitor, which records the temperature, humidity, and radiant heat load to which research volunteers may be exposed within a heat stress chamber.

A SERC Industrial Hygiene student demonstrates a personal sampling pump to undergraduate students at the Minority Pre-Professional Science Society student meeting.

A SERC Occupational Medicine student explains the benefits of a career in occupational medicine to an undergraduate student during the USF Graduate and Professional Fair.

A SERC Industrial Hygiene student describes some of the tools of occupational health and safety professionals at the fall 2009 Access day, when high school students visit USF Health to explore health careers.