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Practricum Rotations

Practicum rotations provide residents with exposure to a range of important settings in occupational and environmental health. In addition to the experience we offer in traditional OM settings, we also provide our residents with several unique practice opportunities. Our residents are also offered the opportunity to choose from elective rotations to customize their program to meet the needs of their desired career path.

Here is a list of our Rotation sites and some quotes from our residents on their experience.

CSX Transportation, Jacksonville Residents will have experience in Industrial Hygiene, hearing conservation, work injury case management, EAP, drug and alcohol testing, fitness for duty reviews, and exposure to CSX legal and HR teams on ADA/FLMA and regulatory issues. You will leave with a broad understanding of how a Corporate Medical Department is structured and operated.

“My most favorite rotation during my residency. It was very well organized and highly educational. Dr. Heligman and his staff are highly committed to teaching and had spent a lot of time with residents. This rotation enhanced my understanding of the railroad industry and the Federal Railroad Association.”

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral You will be evaluating patients in the Occupational health clinic, reviewing policy as it pertains to the space industry, exploring the variety of occupational and environmental exposures and hazmat programs. This rotation will prepare you to anticipate, recognize and respond to the diverse group of occupational and environmental exposures and review, interpret and apply policy/ governmental regulations/programs.

“A great experience to Occ. Med stuff that you would not see elsewhere” “ This is the best rotation a physician can enjoy, I felt so proud to visit NASA and learned some exciting things there” “One of the coolest and most unique rotations at USF. I really enjoyed learning about the history of KSC and about aerospace medicine. This rotation enhanced my understanding of radiation programs, aerospace medicine, and dealing with unique exposures”

FOX News During this rotation you will become familiar with the delivery of important public health and medical news that will be delivered to the public. During the month you will be asked to investigate and address specific health problems and offer recommendations for improvement, and prepare news reports. The resident will work with local and state officials to determine medical stories that the public needs to be informed of.

“Loved it” “Great Rotation” “Always on top of the newest research” “Excellent rotation to learn effective communication and medical reporting. And, it was great working with Dr. Giovinco, who is a former graduate from our residency program”

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration The goal of this rotation is to develop an understanding of the workplace, work exposures, and relevant statutes pertaining to the safe and healthful working environment, to become familiar with relevant OSHA standards, identify safety and health hazards, recognize the need and type of personal protection required for specific tasks, and develop appropriate policies.

“Once in a lifetime opportunity to see how OSHA helps to prevent and control work related problems” “Great opportunity to see what OSHA does up close and personnel. Went on job site visits, investigated safety violations, and researched hazards associated with injuries and fatalities” “Highly recommended for an occupational medicine physician. I enjoyed conducting site visits with the compliance officer”

Tampa Electric Company During this rotation is acquire an understanding of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are required of a TECO safety officer and physician as they relate to the TECO worksite inspection process and worker safety and health. 

"Learning and watching how such a complex plant has such a low rate of personal injuries is amazing”

Summit Insurance During this rotation you will acquire an understanding of the worker’s compensation system including provider/insurance company relations, provider credentialing, the nurse case manager’s role, the role of the adjuster, utilization review, disability ratings and evidence-based utilization review and practice.

“Excellent chance to develop clinical reasoning for complicated workers comp cases. Reviewed requests for procedures or treatment plans and determined appropriateness based on the clinical evidence.”

US Healthworks At this busy clinic you will be treating patients with occupational related injuries and illnesses. The goal is to return the injured worker back to work while maximizing the patient’s functional recovery. In addition, the resident will identify and reduce workplace and environmental hazards to reduce the risk of future injury or illness to the patient.

“A must for second year residents. Dr. Demmi is highly knowledgeable and great at teaching” “An incredible learning experience for OM physicians”

Lakeside Occupational Medicine Clinics Here residents will provide a full scope of occupational medicine services including, but not limited to: work injury evaluation and treatment, physical exams, drug & alcohol testing, vaccinations and medical surveillance. The goal of this rotation is to learn the knowledge and skills to provide evidence based clinical and wellness evaluations and treatment for injuries and illnesses that are occupationally or environmentally related.

“Lakeside has a very diverse patient population and provides residents opportunity to learn to handle complex workers' comp cases”

Advanced Hand and Plastic Surgery Center During this rotation you will become familiar with the delivery of hand surgery services in an out-patient setting. You will be working with an attending treating patients with occupational and non-occupational related hand injuries.

“Great experience to solidify knowledge and clinical skills related to hand injuries. Opportunity to improve many procedure skills especially injections for trigger finger and finger splitting.”

Tampa General Hospital Employee Health Residents receive a comprehensive overview of the administrative functions of Employee Health Services to include Employee Wellness, occupational illness/injury, workers compensation reporting, Injury Prevention, Lift Team, FMLA/Medical leaves, communicable diseases, exposures, fitness for duty, drug free workplace, hazardous substance monitoring and work clearances. The goal of this rotation is to understand how large corporations like TGH manage a comprehensive employee clinic and occupational health services for over 6500 employees and over 2,000 other healthcare workers.

“Fantastic Rotation! Unbelievable employee health and wellness program” “It was great to see first-hand how management involvement improves workers' morale and safety, and builds a safety culture around the institution”

Tampa General Hospital Toxicology/Poison Control Center During this rotation, residents will acquire an understanding of hazardous material exposures occurring at work, home, and in the outdoor environment. You will develop clinical insight as well as knowledge of hazardous material databases equip the OEM physician to identify, manage, and prevent occupational and environmental toxicity.

“Dynamic rotation!” “You become part of the call center team. There is on-site training for answering calls to the Poison Center and then you are on the front line for the calls, advice, and the treatment plan”

Tampa General Hospital ER Here you will develop the knowledge and skill to provide acute medical care for a wide variety of common injuries and illnesses, as well as to stabilize and refer individuals for emergency care.

“Never a dull moment, always interesting cases”

James A Haley VA Hospital (JAHVA) Occupational Health Clinic Here Residents will be treating patients with occupationally related injuries and illnesses as well as gaining experience in the evaluation of employees for health enhancement wellness and prevention concepts, TB, blood borne pathogen exposure, and other surveillance programs. During the month you may be asked to address specific health issues and offer recommendations for resolution or improvement. You will also be asked to assist in administrative management issues, patient encounter management and attend several relevant meetings.

“It was a wonderful learning experience” “Opportunity to conduct an exposure investigation and to write an executive summary for the higher management. Also, enjoyed procedures like injection for lateral epicondylitis and laceration repair.” “Dr. Williams is a great attending. Her teaching focuses on relevant information on issues that I will encounter in my future practice and is always available when I have questions”

James A Haley VA Hospital (JAHVA) Quality Assurance and Patient Safety This provides the opportunity for learning the intricacies of patient safety and quality improvement. During the rotation you will attend patient safety and data mining courses, receive NCPS training in teaching patient safety, participate in VA National medication reconciliation workgroup and IEHR national workgroup, attend morbidity and mortality conference and quality improvements workshops. Each resident works on a patient safety project while at this rotation.

“Worthwhile rotation. The Quality Improvement fellows are very engaged in facilitating our projects and with teaching. Outstanding experience.”

Additional JAHVA Rotations: Allergy, Pulmonary, Cardiology, Pain Management, PMR, Pulmonary, Institutional Safety, Ophthalmology.

Bay Pines VA Hospital (BPVA) Occupational Health Clinic During this rotation you will become familiar with the delivery of Occupational Health Services at Bay Pines Veterans’ Hospital. You will be treating patients with occupational related injuries and illnesses as well as the TB surveillance and blood borne pathogen coordinators. The goals of this rotation are to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to competently practice occupational medicine in a hospital setting. 

“It's a pleasure working with Dr. Bradley. I learned a lot this month. I enjoyed handling prophylactic treatment for influenza exposure at the workplace. It was a good learning experience.”

Bay Pines VA (BPVA) Hospital Orthopedics Residents will be treating patients with orthopedic related injuries and illnesses. The goals of this rotation are to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to competently access musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries in an occupational health clinic setting. This provides an excellent opportunity to perform required procedures. 

“The rotation maximizes my understanding and experiences related to occupational disorders. Provides the chance to do several injections, perform history, physical exam and management related to musculoskeletal disorders. Outstanding rotation”

Additional BPVA Rotations: Audiology, Dermatology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Radiology.