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MSPH Coursework


The MSPH coursework imparts an appropriate knowledge and skill set that enables residents to apply a scientifically grounded approach to problem-solving of health issues.

Residents take classes at the College of Public Health leading to a Master’s of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree. The MSPH Degree is a 46 credit academic program that is completed over 2 years. The concurrent academic and practicum program is possible because all coursework for the MSPH degree is offered in the late afternoon or early evening and online. The practicum activities are scheduled for normal office hours between 8 A.M. – 4 P.M., Monday through Friday, while the academic classes take place on several evenings of each week and online.

The concurrent academic class work and practicum rotations provide a direct link between learning and applying knowledge in a real-world of work setting. We believe that classroom learning is enhanced and reinforced by application on real patients and on-going workplace problem solving. Academic coursework and practicum rotations are scheduled to optimize learning and application opportunities. For instance, the core Occupational Medicine course is taken in the first academic semester along with basic skills coursework such as Industrial Hygiene and Safety. This sets the groundwork for maximizing the resident experience at clinical and workplace practicum settings. In addition, basic skills courses such as Epidemiology and Biostatistics are completed prior to the second year so that residents have exposure to research methods and tools prior to starting their own research projects.

An important part of resident education is the MSPH thesis. Research training and conducting research helps the development of critical intelligence and independent problem solving. The resident will identify a topic during the first six months of their program and will utilize the 2 months reserved exclusively for research work over the two years of residency, and also participate in the weekly research meeting where progress is evaluated. The research takes places at several of our participating sites and is closely supervised by our faculty in charge of research, Dr. Alfred Mbah. The resident will be responsible for writing and submitting the IRB application, and is encouraged to submit his or her research article for publication in scientific journals as well as submitting his or her abstract for national conferences.

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