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Who has time to research and write the necessary safety plan?

To save you time, SafetyWriter lets you “click” together a safety plan. Enter your SIC, or click on a dropdown list of safety procedures you want to place in your plan. Click on as many as you’d like to include. Next, click to include an additional safety plan that OSHA requires if your workplace contains specific hazards. One final click submits your choices into a Word document that integrates the individual items you selected into a single, customized safety plan. Go through it and fine-tune anything that you want to touch up. Save the Word document to your hard drive, and print copies for your staff and employees.

What You’ll Get with SafetyWriter

A Word document of a complete draft of a safety plan, including policies and procedures, customized with your companies name. You can save the plan to your hard drive and then edit it in Word to suit your business. And you can do it in three steps.

Step One

You can add safety procedures already pre-written for many SICs. If there is one available for your industry, it will save you time to click on it. Or, you can add your selections from over 640 safety procedures. This is the ultimate way to customize your safety plan.

Step Two

Add the safety procedures that OSHA requires if you are in certain businesses.No need to search the Web or dig through old manuals for the specialized language in these add-ins. Click on each one that will help your business be in compliance with OSHA requirements.

Step Three

One click ties everything together. The core sections cover management safety policy and the general safety plan. Your clicks will add the safety procedures (by SIC or individual procedure) and the OSHA safety plans as required. This comprehensive plan is customized for easy reading yet is easy to edit. You can e-mail it to your supervisors and employees to make sure everyone is, literally, on the same page with you regarding safety.

Try it! You can't break it...and it's easy to build, tailor, and print.

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