Center for Operational Readiness, Response, & Recovery (COR3)


The Center for Operational Readiness, Response, & Recovery (COR3) provides the first responder, emergency manager, homeland security professional, and public health preparedness staff with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of incident response, as well as opportunities to test themselves in realistic settings.

Delivering established training programs, as well as designing custom courses, based on the unique needs of the agency, COR3 enables local, state, regional, national, tribal governments, and the private industry to meet the published Target Capabilities.

COR3 provides National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant training and planning services that establish baseline learning , as well as, fill gaps identified in exercise after action evaluation processes. The Center's staff develop customized training experiences that fully meet NIMS implementation standards, while also meeting the local and agency unique operational environment.

The Center also designs and conducts Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) exercises, and exercise series. These services include comprehensive program and project management, logistical planning and support, evaluation model design & implementation, and exercise staff training.

COR3 is also dedicated to preparing individual public, private and business entities for partial and/or complete loss of their business functions. This includes Continuity of Government, Continuity of Operations, and Continuity of Business planning, training programs, and exercises conducted by nationally certified continuity professionals.

These services include traditional continuity planning and business impact analysis, devolution planning and tailored alternate facility development, and individual process analysis and recovery point and recovery time objective delineation.

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To build strong agency and individual leaders through the development of programs based on the Target Capabilities, and serve as a national and international resources to responders, planners, and agency decision makers.



Donald E. Mullins
Director, Center for Operational Readiness, Response & Recovery

Mark O'Neil
Deputy Director of Policy, Planning and Evaluation

Kevin C. Rolfe
Deputy Director For Responder Training & Exercises
(352) 215-1250

USF College of Public Health is the parent organization for COR3. 

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