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Welcome to The Office of International Programs!

Dr. Boo Kwa
Associate Dean
International Programs, COPH

As Associate Dean for International Programs at USF’s College of Public Health, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Office of International Programs website. Did you know that the College of Public Health is in the forefront in preparing the future leaders of the global public health revolution? Our students come to us with a new level of enthusiasm and our faculty responds by reaching out to all corners of the globe to create learning experiences like no other.

To assure successful outcomes in international work, the Office of International Programs supports and serves students and faculty in their research, education, program development endeavors, and entrepreneurial initiatives prior to, and throughout their time abroad. We do this by identifying global partners through international collaborative agreements, and by providing support for students and faculty through expert advisement, and international travel awards and scholarships. International field experiences give students mentored work placements abroad that prepare them for careers in areas as diverse as global emerging infectious disease, health disparities and environmental impacts on health. And, we host a variety of shorter study tours to countries around the world. Through our Peace Corps Master’s International Program our graduates return to the US ready to take on public health challenges of interest locally and globally. Visit the Office of International Programs and learn how we can help you discover, grow and make the world a better place. Public Health is a global discipline and we are dedicated to improving public health around the world. Health is, after all, something everyone wants and can agree upon, the point of commonality, a peacemaker in the world today.

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