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Welcome to The Center for Occupational Health Planning and Education!

One vital purpose of the USF College of Public Health is to protect worker health. To serve this end we have created the Center for Occupational Health Planning and Education. The Center seeks to engage and include the local community in our efforts to promote the health and safety of the Florida workforce and beyond.

Specifically, the Center includes the contributions by the faculty, staff and resources of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health as well as those of the USF SafetyFlorida (OSHA 21d Consultation Program) and the USF OSHA Training Institute.

USF SafetyFlorida, the state's safety and health consultation program, provides free and confidential assistance to Florida's small businesses. Its mission is to save lives by reducing workplace injuries and illnesses. Florida's small businesses often find that they profit from these free safety and health consultation visits because workers compensation costs decrease and productivity improves. The program is funded by OSHA and the state of Florida.

The USF OSHA Training Institute Education Center provides courses to train workers in the various aspects of Safety and Health. The training includes job hazard recognition as well as OSHA standards, policies and procedures for persons responsible for enforcing or directly supporting the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970. The job Hazard training and Communication aims to benefit workers by reducing confusion about physical and chemical hazards in the workplace, and improving understanding of these hazards, especially for low literacy workers.

We believe that the joint coordinated effort of our diverse staff will be helpful to the State of Florida and the region. Please contact us with any needs, questions or concerns that you may have. We look forward to addressing your workplace safety and health problems and your training needs.

Yehia Y. Hammad, Sc.D.
Professor and Center Director

What's New?

Hanifa Denny brings new meaning to “global health”

Hanifa M. Denny, PhD, MPHWhile Hanifa Denny isn’t in global health in the departmental sense, she undeniably is in it in the practical sense. “As a farming couple with a big dream, my late parents once told me that I should explore the world,” she said. “In fact, their dream came true with so far 17 countries visited.” But […]

Doctoral student Ushang Desai presents poster at air monitoring conference

Ushang Desai poster presenationUshang Desai, a doctoral student in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the USF College of Public Health, was a presenter at the 2014 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference in Atlanta Aug. 11-14. He presented his scientific poster “Associations Between Ultrafine Particles and Co-Pollutants Concentrations in the Tampa Bay Area.” Desai received a […]

Interdisciplinary public health career leads to novel study of risky behaviors

Christine McGuire-Wolfe. PhD, MPHAs interdisciplinary as public health is by nature, Christine McGuire-Wolfe, adjunct faculty in the Department of Global Health, may be adding a new twist that has led to a novel study. McGuire-Wolfe became a volunteer firefighter while she was studying for her MPH. She became a paid career firefighter with Pasco County Fire-Rescue in 2003. […]
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