Florida Public Health Training Center Online Mentor Program


The FPHTC Online Mentor Program is designed to provide a flexible framework, allowing you to shape and maximize your mentorship experience. The FPHTC's Online Mentor Program has four (4) essential parts:

PART A: Design a Professional Development Action Plan (PDAP)

All participants should develop and maintain an individualized professional development plan during their mentorship experience. Suggested steps and templates will be provided to help participants develop and document an individualized professional development action plan. The PDAP is a tool that can be used to focus, evaluate, and prioritize your professional development activities throughout your mentor program.

PART B: Achieve Twelve (12) Mentor-Mentee Contact Hours

All mentorship relationships require a minimum of 12 contact hours between the mentor and mentee. Correspondence can be by phone, in person, and/or by other virtual methods (web-conferencing, etc.). All contact hours must be logged online in the FPHTC Online Mentor Program database for record keeping purposes. A mentorship agreement between mentor and mentee will specify protocol and communication expectations.

PART C: Complete Three (3) Professional Development Contact Hours

Participants must choose from a list of competency-based public health courses and complete 3 contact hours of professional development. All contact hours must be logged online in the FPHTC Online Mentor Program database for record-keeping purposes. Courses should develop or improve participant knowledge and/or skill in the Public Health Core Competencies.

PART D: Complete All Program Evaluations

All participants must complete two program evaluations assessing their mentorship experiences (a mid-program evaluation and a final program evaluation). A follow-up survey will be sent six-month post-course completion to assess the impact of the mentor program on your professional development. Evaluations and survey will be delivered via email at specific times during your mentorship.

The above guidelines will help you maximize your mentorship experience and achieve the successful completion of the FPHTC Online Mentor Program.

Want to know more? CLICK HERE to download the program handbook.

NOTE: Parts A, B and C can be completed concurrently.