Community Disaster Preparedness Coalition

Training Outcomes

Domain I:  Model Leadership

·        Competency 1.3 - Facilitate collaboration with internal and external emergency response partners.

o   Identify internal and external emergency response partners in your community.

o   Describe the roles of internal and external emergency response partners in community disaster preparedness and recovery.

o   Determine your coalition’s role in community preparedness and recovery.

o   Identify strategies to build and sustain collaborative partnerships among internal and external emergency response partners in your community.

o   Develop collaborative emergency response plans, policies, and/or agreements with appropriate internal and external emergency response partners.

·        Competency 1.4 - Maintain situational awareness.

o   Analyze information regarding the relevant factors impacting response activities.

o   Identify your community’s needs.

o   Determine key resources for recovery and the immediate needs of victims.

o   Identify tools to evaluate the success of your coalition during an emergency situation.

o   Determine your community’s resilience index.

Domain III: Plan For & Improve Practice

·        Competency 3.1 - Contribute expertise to a community hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA).

o   Describe the stages of emergency management.

o   Identify vulnerable populations in your community who are
at increased risk in broad-scale emergencies.

o   Identify the roles and responsibilities of your community coalition and its members during an emergency.

o   Describe the role of HVAs in emergency planning.

o   Identify methods for evaluating and improving your coalition’s preparedness and response activities.

o   Value creating collaborative partnerships with community organizations for preparedness and response activities.

o   Define key terminology: Disaster, Resilience, Coalition, Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation.

·        Competency 3.3 - Participate in improving the coalition’s capacities (including, but not limited to programs, plans, policies, laws, and training).

o   Describe the key role(s) of community-based disaster coalitions.

o   Apply knowledge and skills gained through participation in activities to improve your organization’s capacities.

o   Prioritize your coalition’s critical emergency preparedness and response roles and functions.

o   Identify strategies for implementing recommendations identified in your coalition’s After Action Reviews.

o   Discuss the need for and the importance of a coordinated response to emergencies and disasters.

o   Apply the Preparedness Capabilities’ Planning Model to building and/or strengthening your coalition.

o   Assess your coalition’s current state, determine goals, and develop plans to achieve those goals.

o   Identify community preparedness and recovery functions, and the coalition’s related tasks, performance measures, and resource elements.