Community Disaster Preparedness Coalition

Welcome to the CDPC Learning Center

What is the Community Disaster Preparedness Coalition (CDPC) Learning Center?

This workforce development program is designed to improve Florida's disaster preparedness and emergency response and recovery capabilities by delivering Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response Core Competency-based training to program participants in county-specific teams representing each of Florida's 67 counties.

This training will help program participants to develop the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to organize a Community Disaster Preparedness Coalition (CDPC) or strengthen an existing CDPC that integrates public health, human services, and emergency management systems into their respective county's disaster preparedness, response, and recovery structure. Program participants will be provided with knowledge of current best practices, collaborative approaches, practical tools, and technical assistance that will enable them to organize or strengthen a CDPC in their counties. Additionally, lessons learned, experiences, and practices utilized in the creation of the Sarasota COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) will be shared.

Program participants actively participate in two consecutive years of training. In year one, participants will engage in three days of facilitator-led instruction. On-site training will be complemented with distance learning training opportunities and periodic webinars. Additionally, participants will be provided with follow-up coaching and on-site visits, as needed.

In year two, participants will engage in additional on-site, facilitator-led group instruction that is complemented with additional distance learning opportunities and webinars.

Participating county teams will be comprised of 6 - 9 members each: one member from public health, one member from emergency management, one member from human services, and three members representing agencies or organizations who deliver disaster recovery services. (For additional information, contact Patrick Gardner at: or 813-974-8267.)